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Office 365 DNS Records

By alexis1606845310 ·
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My email is with MS but my web hosting is with another company. I can't get FTP access because the nameservers point to MS and altering them breaks my email.

My hosting company has sent me this:

"You could give us the Office 365 DNS records and we can point your email service that way, then you can use our nameservers for both the email and hosting.

Or you can add these A records to your Microsoft nameservers to do the same thing at their end:


The Microsoft Admin center is nothing like the instructions on their site so I have no idea where I can find the DNS records, or add A records.

e.g. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/admin/dns/update-dns-records-to-retain-current-hosting-provider?view=o365-worldwide

There is no 'custom records' option.

Easiest way would probably be to find the 365 DNS records, but where are they??
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Quick fix.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Office 365 DNS Records

A lot of detail was omitted in your post so I will be guessing you want to FTP into some (FTP) server.

Quick fix: FTP to the server by IP Address.
Interim fix: Edit the hosts file on your PC. (How is widely noted so I don't write how here or anywhere.)

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by alexis1606845310 In reply to Quick fix.

I can't access the web space in any way because it times out. This is because the name servers point to MS:

ns1.bdm.microsoftonline.com ns2.bdm.microsoftonline.com ns3.bdm.microsoftonline.com ns4.bdm.microsoftonline.com

They need to point to Namecity to access the web hosting.

Where can I find the DNS records in MS admin center to pass to my web hosting company?

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