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    Possible malware in my phone


    by cyberneticpilgrim ·


    While having a discussion with some people on messenger, one of them forwarded a link for a video. I clicked on it, and I got on a site that required my login information for my Facebook. So I logged in, and I got on my real facebook profile. But later I found out it was that required that info. I checked the link through online checkers and scanned the device with some antimalwares like MalwareFox. None of these find any malware. I also changed the password for my Facebook. Is there anything else I could do for checking I wasn’t hacked, or should I just stopped being worried?
    Thank you!

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      Can you check that .com address for a typo.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Possible malware in my phone

      It’s appears to be unregistered and as such I’m guessing you have a typo there.

      Malware for an Android phone usually has you install some app. You have to do more than browse the web. As such, until more is known I’ll write no malware yet.

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        Re: typo

        by kees_b ·

        In reply to Can you check that .com address for a typo.

        Indeed, it should be Seems a reputed company for marketing, ads and promotion.
        Let’s hope the video was about something he doesn’t mind Facebook knows he’s interested in.

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      Re: possible malware

      by kees_b ·

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      There are lot of sites where you can login with your Facebook account. For example, this site (you can use your LinkedIn account also). That’s nice for Facebook, because then they know you’re interested in IT, so they can serve you IT-linked advertisements. And it’s nice for you, because it’s one less user id and password to remember. And because you get to see advertisements for things you like to spend money on. That’s called a win-win situation.

      Mosty people don’t change their Facebook-password after they used it to login into such a site.

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