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    Sessions and databases


    by philatc ·

    We are creating a counseling website staffed by Psychologists and counselors that will operate in a chatroom setting. This is a paid monthly subscription website.

    The way the site will work is:

    First Time Users: (Registered Users skip to step 5)

    1. Surf to our site
    2. Decide which plan they want to purchase (the monthly subscription)
    3. They are redirected to iBills site (our payment collection service). See iBill.Com
    4. Once they make payment using a credit card, iBill gives the customer a userid and password, and they are then redirected back to our site.
    5. Back at our site, the customer has to log in with the username and password he/she got from iBill. If they login correctly, they are directed to our chatroom area (we utilize Volano Chat  See Volano.Com).
    6. Once in the chatroom the individual can click on a counselors name and enter a private chatroom to begin their 20 minute online chat session. Prior to this, our counselor will look on our online Access database to see how many se

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      Sessions and databases

      by amieveryours ·

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      Have each asp page to have the session select choices ex)

      <% If Session("user") = "" Then Response.Redirect("login.asp") End If %>

      So without a user logining in, he would get redirected to whichever page you what to redirect him to. for more help please email me with details and i will be glady to walk you through the process step by step.

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