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Where can I find someone who can search my car's CANbus for malware?

By stcolwill ·
Hello! I have a 2005 VW polo, and am interested to see if there is any malware on the CANbus. I believe there may be voice recording software, GPS, and speed data. VW did not put GPS into its vechiles until 2006, so this should be a fairly straightforward investigation. Please can you recommend a forum or similar where I could find someone interested in this?
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What about the local

by itsdigger In reply to Where can I find someone ...
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VW dealer

by stcolwill In reply to What about the local

Yes! Have tried that. The problem is not everyone understands how easy it is to car hack...finding someone with this knowledge would fast track the process.

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Do you have

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Where can I find someone ...

a mobile Alexa in your car? It has been proven in the past that many of these devices just a few years ago allowed the manufacturer to listen to conversations anonymously.

Your question sounds like you might be a little paranoid to me.

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Mobile alexa

by stcolwill In reply to Do you have

The car has already been examined for physical devices. Malware is the next step.

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Small world.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Where can I find someone ...

As I worked as an engineer for a company that made surveillance gear (OEM designs, not something you buy and slap a label on it) I can write that no one put such on the CANbus. If there was a device that did all this it only needed power and would send in the data via a cellular connection.

What made you think it's on CANbus?

Remember that since has priors I won't duplicate that here.

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Can bus

by stcolwill In reply to Small world.

On the can bus or as a software update. Because hackers look for weaknesses in software then use them for their own means. It just means adding a few lines of code to legitimate software updates. It's clever because it's hard to detect. That's why I want to find someone who understands this stuff to run some diagnostics.

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While I understand this stuff.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Can bus

Car makers are opaque about their software. In fact the 2005 would put you way back in a time where only the dealer would have the tool to update the code in the vehicle PLUS the data connections on the few vehicles is now DEAD and gone. Back them we used cellular 2G to have the buses, trucks and cars send in the data but all that is dead and gone.

The only hacks today appear to be on cars in the past few years.

If someone wanted to track you, they would not use the car's electronics. You are looking in the wrong area which no engineer will sign on to look at your car's computer and canbus.

I'm going to be firm here that folk that have paranoia will not accept any reason or much else. If you have a client with signs of paranoia it's best to disengage and let them wander away.

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Thanks for the feedback

by stcolwill In reply to While I understand this s ...

I appreciate your comments - thanks!

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