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    Why is SEO Important for Small Businesses?


    by mahsan9867 ·

    In my opinion, SEO is vital for small businesses because it helps them show up on the internet when people search for things they offer, like toys or cupcakes. It’s like being in a big race where the first ones get noticed. SEO ensures that small businesses are seen by more people, which can bring more customers and make them successful. It’s like having a secret map that helps them find the treasure of customers.
    What do you think it’s true or not?

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      After years of watch SEO attempts.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Why is SEO Important for Small Businesses?

      I can write it’s a fool’s game. Go ahead and do your SEO basics but real sales come from having a product people want or need (like Insulin) along with ease of purchase and delivery (such as Amazon.)

      Amazon pretty much ruined the little company website sales idea. I know of more than one company that finally put up their own Amazon store and they are doing much better than the company that keeps at it with SEO.

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