A closer look at Microsoft Asia Pacific's Singapore office revamp

Microsoft Asia Pacific's Singapore office remodel: Space availability

During my recent tour of Microsoft Asia Pacific's Singapore office, I was able to see the space's new open concept design, which included removing cubicles, private offices, and desktop phones. I also got to learn about some of the other design and technology changes, such as replacing projectors with LCD TVs and requiring employees to use their RFID passes to use the printers. It was also clear that meeting spaces are prime real estate. This gallery features some of the other changes that I found interesting.

You can check out the workstation and collaborative space availability in the office with a glance at this automatically updated display. This information can also be accessed from employees’ Windows Phone devices.

Photo by Paul Mah

Paul Mah is a writer and blogger who lives in Singapore, where he has worked for a number of years in various capacities within the IT industry. Paul enjoys tinkering with tech gadgets, smartphones, and networking devices.