Photos: Tech gadgets to make air travel time more productive

Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX

It seems that no matter how high you crank up the volume on your headset, the rumbling of the plane never gets drowned out.

If you're working inflight, it can get distracting, even irritating.These much-awarded earbuds, Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX, which launched at CES2020, feature the ANC-enhanced "Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation+ and Ear ID personalization" which means it automatically calibrates the buds to each person's unique hearing profile (using Nuheara's EarID). 

A proprietary digital signal processing system  ("Speech in Noise Control"/SINC, and a triple-core DSO system) senses sound with the plane's environment, and sorts out the sounds, including cancellation—high-tech noise-cancelling. Each earbud has a 450MIPS signal processing engine.

Basic features: Bluetooth, phone calls, music and entertainment streaming, tap-touch interface, on-ear DSP, voice services (Siri, Google Now), and a charge case. Hearing features: hearing amplification, SINC, EarID, Focus. 

There are three sensors which include three microphones per ear, an accelerometer, and an on/off body sensor. Noise-blocking features include "world on/off," passive as well as active noise cancellation the latter is a proprietary hybrid. Water and sweat-resistant. Available for pre-order, March 2020 shipping, $319 (20% off through Feb. 9, 2020) $399.

Image: Nuhara

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