In advance of CES, LG Display, announced a new slate of displays for a variety of settings, including airplanes, automobiles, homes, hotels, offices, and commercial spaces.

The South Korean industry leader will debut premium OLED screens for hotels and homes while showcasing a “video wall” built to provide airplanes with a series of 55-inch OLED displays.

In a news release, the company said it would show how advanced display products could be applied to everyday life in a variety of settings under a campaign called “Your Lifestyle with LG Display.”

“By doing so, the company will prove how display technologies can further expand to meet the versatile needs of customers’ varied lifestyle patterns and to fit the characteristics of various spaces,” LG Display said.

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In addition to the video wall, LG Display plans to give attendees of CES in Las Vegas a snapshot of its other offerings for airplanes, which include 65-inch Ultra HD Bendable OLED displays for first class fliers and a 55-inch Full HD (FHD) Transparent OLED display with 40% transparency for that can be used as a partition between sections of the plane.

There are also plans for a 13.3-inch Plastic OLED (POLED) tablet that can be placed in cabins.

For hotels and homes, LG Display will introduce Cinematic Sound OLED displays that have sound systems embedded within them so the screen will generate the sound directly. LG Display will also be showing off its 77-inch UHD Film Cinematic Sound & Wallpaper OLED display that it said was razor thin and created to be hung on walls like wallpaper.

“The company will also unveil a 65-inch UHD Roll-Down OLED display, an innovation which points to the future of home interior design. It is stored in the ceiling and can be pulled down when desired and rolled up when not in use,” the company said in the release.

“It is expected to raise the level of smart home interior by maximizing use of space. In addition, LG Display will add another size of OLED TV display to its lineup of 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch, and 88-inch OLED TV displays, expanding consumer options by unveiling a 48-inch OLED TV display for the first time in the world.”

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When it comes to cars, LG Display plans to showcase dashboards decked out with four plastic OLED displays as well as conceptual designs of an 12.8-inch Rollable OLED display attached to the back of the driver’s seat.

Additionally, the company has a variety of OLED displays built for schools, offices, commercial spaces and museums like an 86-inch LCD display with its in-TOUCH technology embedded inside the display.

“LG Display is focusing on the potential of technology that can provide premium and differentiated value to customers as well as displays that are integral to their everyday lives,” the company said.

“To this end, the company plans to pioneer new areas in the display industry and continue to innovate based on its differentiated technology, thorough quality control, and stable supply capability.”

LG OLED display for airplanes at CES 2020
Image: LG