With email marketing, social media marketing and interactive communications accounting for a significant portion of sales activities, finding and choosing B2B sales tools to give your company’s bottom line a boost can be time-consuming. Here are five such tools that can help jumpstart your company’s recovery.

Hubspot CRM

Image: Hubspot

Hubspot CRM is an all-in-one Customer Relationship Management tool that gives sales leaders and their teams complete real-time visibility into their sales pipeline through a single dashboard. The suite of tools includes sales, marketing, customer service, content management and operations tools, as well as a scalable marketing contacts list. This solution offers free meeting scheduling, live chat,and email templates. Marketing, sales, customer service, and operations teams can work together on one platform. Teams are automatically notified as prospects open emails or click on your website, allowing your teams to qualify leads and close more deals faster. 

Key features

  • Deal tracking
  • Pipeline management
  • Client insights
  • Reporting dashboard

The CRM suite of tools starts at $50/month for two users on the Starter plan, $1,780/month for five users on the Professional plan, and $4,000/month for ten users on the Enterprise plan. Pricing can be scaled based on the marketing contact list size. Reduced rates are available when paid annually.


Image: Walnut

Walnut allows you to easily create custom interactive product demos to help your sales and marketing teams convert leads faster. Walnut focuses on B2B sales from a prospect experience perspective rather than product attributes or a sales team’s talent. Because each prospect is different, your team can expertly craft personalized prospect sales demos. There’s no need to have experience with coding; you can capture every screen of your software with a single click. Walnut provides remote teams with a seamless experience so they can close deals like a pro every time.

Key features

  • Scalable demo creation with unlimited flows
  • Fully customizable with no coding experience needed
  • A sharing panel that’s easy to use
  • Data insights to optimize future demos
  • Encapsulated environment for zero disruption

Contact Walnut for pricing.



Mailtastic is an email signature platform and powerful sales tool that lets you turn your email signatures into free ad space. You can deliver content, events, offers and other information directly to your audience’s inbox. Mailtastic makes it possible to personalize your messages and push relevant content to leads in your sales funnel. The targeted group signature marketing option enables you to share outbound emails, demo recaps, contract renewals and more with target accounts.

  • Key features
  • Scalable email signature personalization
  • Advanced targeting
  • Click-through marketing
  • Demo or webinar sharing

Mailtastic offers four pricing plans, Basic, Advanced, Target, and Enterprise. Contact Mailtastic for pricing and arrange a demo.


Image: Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a lead generation and sales prospecting tool that displays information about the companies that have visited your website and how they found your business and interests. For lead generation convenience, this tool also includes an employee contact database and makes it possible to email qualified leads directly to your CRM and email. Your sales and marketing team can use Leadfeeder to develop and launch more ad campaigns or test landing pages and forms.

Key features

  • Lead generation
  • Sales prospecting
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Account-based marketing

Leadfeeder offers two monthly plans, a free but limited Lite plan that saves up to three days worth of leads, and a monthly Professional plan at $63/month that saves leads up to two weeks. The Professional plan comes with a free trial.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Image: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales tool that helps you prospect, understand and engage with your target market. It offers advanced capabilities to help find the right contacts within companies with customized suggestions. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also automatically saves the leads and accounts you are targeting and integrates with the CRM with ease. Data from contacts and companies within LinkedIn are updated in Sales Navigator in real-time. You’re able to see who’s viewed your profile and connect or send InMail messages to them to increase conversions faster. 

Key features

  • Advanced lead and company searches
  • Lead recommendations
  • CRM integration
  • InMail messaging
  • Smart links presentations

LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers three pricing tiers, Professional at $89.99/month, Team at $149.99/month and Enterprise. Contact LinkedIn Sales Navigator for pricing information on Enterprise.