Suppose your Microsoft Excel workbook contains 10
worksheets, and you want to add a time and date stamp to each worksheet. You
could manually enter a time and date formula into a cell in each worksheet, or
you can create a named formula that can enter the current date and time without
having to retype the formula.

To create the named formula, follow these steps:

  1. Press
  2. Enter DateStamp in the Names In
    Workbook text box.
  3. In the
    Refers To text box, enter the following formula:
    =TEXT(TODAY(),”d-mmmm-yyyy”) &
    ” ” & TEXT(NOW(),”h:mm
  4. Click
    the Add button and then click OK.

Now you can add a time and date stamp to every worksheet in
your workbook by typing =DateStamp in any cell.

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