BlackBerry Secure, the latest mobile security platform from BlackBerry, could help business users better secure their Internet of Things (IoT) deployments and mobile devices. Announced on Thursday via a press release, BlackBerry described Secure as a mobile security platform for the “Enterprise of Things.”

The technologies that originally came under the BlackBerry umbrella through acquisitions of companies such as Good Technology, WatchDox, AtHoc, and Encription build the basis of BlackBerry Secure, the release said. In its announcement, BlackBerry called security threats the “biggest roadblocks” to realizing the potential for IoT in the enterprise.

While BlackBerry has struggled in the hardware market, where it once reigned supreme, the company’s software and platform business has remained somewhat successful. The announcement of BlackBerry Secure seems to point to the company continuing its move away from handsets altogether.

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“BlackBerry’s new platform is designed to be the foundation that drives the company’s ongoing move to software, is cloud enabled and addresses the entire enterprise from endpoint to endpoint,” the release said.

With any IoT deployment comes constant communication between people and their devices, and between the devices themselves. Computers, smartphones, trackers, industrial equipment, and anything with a connected sensor can potentially be a part of this ecosystem. Once it is, though, protecting the transportation of sensitive data becomes paramount, the release said, and that is where BlackBerry Secure comes in.

“Businesses must be able to confidentially and reliably transmit sensitive data between endpoints to keep people, information and goods safe,” BlackBerry CEO John Chen said in the release. “BlackBerry is uniquely qualified to address this emerging market now because of our deep experience, industry leadership and ongoing product innovation that addresses future business needs.”

According to the release, BlackBerry Secure can provide communications security for all messaging and file types. BlackBerry noted that Secure could be used for IoT deployments in markets like healthcare, financial services, and supply chain management. It also works with third-party software like Microsoft Office 365, Chen noted in the release.

Additionally, users can build their own custom apps and workflows on the platform, and it is compatible with cloud systems as well, the release stated. BlackBerry Secure will be available in January.

Providing mobile security solutions isn’t a new play for BlackBerry, but shifting to company operate around platforms like BlackBerry Secure is a transition. However, with Gartner predicting worldwide IoT security spending to hit $547 million in 2018, BlackBerry has a real opportunity to emerge as one of the leading providers of platform-level security in the space.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. BlackBerry recently announced BlackBerry Secure, an IoT security platform in which users can build custom apps and workflows, and protect their devices and sensors.
  2. BlackBerry Secure works with a messaging or file type, and it also works with third-party software like Office 365.
  3. With the massive growth of IoT security spending predicted by Gartner, BlackBerry could use this platform as a means to kickstart some of the growth it lost in the handset market.