Cisco Live 2018: Webex Teams improves collaboration for remote workers says Cisco

By combining Spark and Webex into a single platform, Cisco hopes to help companies improve team collaboration and better support remote workers.

Cisco Live 2018: Webex Teams improves collaboration for remote workers says Cisco

Jonathan Rosenberg, vice president and CTO for Collaboration at Cisco, spoke with TechRepublic at Cisco Live 2018 about combining Cisco Spark and Webex into a single collaboration platform that companies can use for both chat and meetings.

Jonathan Rosenberg: These are really exciting times for collaboration actually. A lot of new stuff is happening. Probably the biggest thing going on right now is the convergence of two major platforms that we've had out on the market for some time. We've had this technology called Cisco Spark that was mostly about messaging and we had this technology called Webex that was mostly about meetings and we brought them together. I mean, it's like peanut butter and chocolate. Like you bring them together and it's just extra goodness. And so, when we did that, we converged those platforms together and in doing so, it meant that Webex got better and Cisco Spark, now called Webex Teams, got better and they all integrate deeply together. That's probably the biggest thing going on in the collaboration space right now.

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By bringing these platforms together, what happens is that users get to use a single application for collaborating. In the past, what happened is you had one app for chat and then, you could go somewhere else to join your meetings, but your meetings were somewhere else. We believe that chat and meetings are coming together and with the platform convergence we've done, a single application can serve the needs of both your meetings and your chat and bring them together so that you have one place for communicating before the meeting, during the meeting and after the meeting. And that's the benefit to users of this platform convergence.

As more and more people work from home, what we're seeing actually is a new breed of tools that are coming up and getting used by users to be more effective working remotely. And one of the benefits of these new class of teem collaboration tools is they're chat-based, they're asynchronous and it allows people remote to actually connect with more people than ever before.

I'm living that dream, so I'm the CTO for the collaboration business and I work remotely. And the Webex Teams application has actually been central in the work that I've been doing to build the Webex Teams application. So, they're really helpful for remote workers.

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