Suppose you’re working in Excel and need to record the price of a certain stock
every 15 minutes as it is traded over a period of five hours. Rather than manually
typing in the time for each recording, you can use a formula to quickly and
automatically fill in the time increments for you. Follow these steps to enter
15-minute time increments in the range B1:B20:

  1. Select
  2. Right-click
    the selection and select Format Cells.
  3. Click
    Time and select 1:30 PM and click OK.
  4. Click
    B1 and enter 10:00 AM.
  5. Select B2:B20 and enter =B1+Time(0,15,0)
  6. Press

Excel fills the range with 15-minute time increments. You
can now enter the data in the corresponding cell range in column C.

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