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You can reduce typing time by basing your Access forms on AutoLookup queries. For example, let’s say you need to
develop an Order form that includes fields from both the Customers table and
Orders table. Rather than creating the form from these tables, you can base the
form on an AutoLookup query that will automatically
fill in the customer information once the CustomerID
is entered.

Follow these steps to create an AutoLookup

  1. Create
    a new query with the Customers and Orders tables.
  2. Drag
    the CustomerID field (that joins both tables) from
    the Orders table to the query design grid.
  3. From
    the Customers table, drag the fields you want to be filled in by the query,
    such as Name and Billing Address fields.
  4. Add
    additional fields needed from the Orders table.
  5. After
    running and testing the query, create an Order-entry form based on this query.

When the user enters the CustomerID
to enter a new order, Access automatically fills in the data from the Customers