Word makes it easy to hyperlink to information in other
documents. Let’s say you’re preparing a document on the latest trends in
organizational process management. You’ve already written an introductory
article on the subject, and now you want your readers to be able to hyperlink to
the previous article where you defined process management. To hyperlink your
document, follow these steps:

  1. Open
    both documents in Word and go to Window | Arrange All.
  2. Select
    the definition of the term process management in your previous document.
  3. Right-click
    the selected text, then click and drag selected text to the end of this
    sentence in the new document: This article describes the latest trends in
    process management.
  4. Release
    the mouse button and select Create Hyperlink Here.

When readers come to the term “process management”
in your new document, they can press [Ctrl], and then click to hyperlink to the
term in the previous article.

Note that if you are publishing this article on the Web, you
should save both of the articles’ files to the same folder to avoid getting any
broken links.

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