TechRepublic writers Dan Patterson and Brandon Vigliarolo are both interested in a new application of the blockchain: gaming.

Powered by Etherium, CryptoKitties is a new application of blockchain technology that gives users actual ownership over collectable digital cats with unique, non-duplicatable characteristics based on blockchain data.

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As Dan Patterson points out, the most important thing for businesses to take away from CryptoKitties is the personal ownership element of the assets each player has. It might be digital cats now, but the blockchain technology used in CryptoKitties is a way to give internet users identity-based control over digital assets, instead of account-based control, which can be taken away by the company that controls the account.

CryptoKitties is just one more way that Etherium is proving itself as a cryptocurrency that has more applications than just money: It’s showing that decentralized ownership and control of code and assets may be the future of computing technology.

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