digital marketing SEO training course
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Businesses have to compete for a fraction of consumers’ attention. One solution is a great digital marketing and SEO strategy. If you want to build a basic understanding of both digital marketing and SEO, this free course can help.

The Basics of Digital Marketing & SEO 4-Week Course is a special free offering from Upskillist, a global online education institution that specializes in interactive classes that let students learn at their own pace. In this practical course, students get eight hours of content to provide a solid foundation in digital marketing and SEO.

At the start, you’ll learn the frequently used terms in the digital marketing industry, understand objectives and KPIs and explore performance-focused marketing channels to understand how to achieve different objectives. The course will walk through various marketing funnels and explore strategies like SEO, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, Google Ads, content development and campaign creation to design a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

In the second module, you’ll focus exclusively on SEO. Students will learn some of the fundamental tools and website requirements, how to perform keyword research, craft content correctly and optimize your pages for traffic. The training course will even teach you how to create a variety of pages that incorporate different marketing channels to augment your overall strategy.

Ready to make your brand or product stand out? Enroll in the Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing & SEO 4-Week Course for free for a limited time (normally $200).

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