A man on a Zoom call with colleagues

Zoom and DocuSign have announced their partnership to assist customers in a number of ways when it comes to getting business done and signing documents. Per the partnership agreement between the two companies, customers can now utilize everything from video banking to touchless purchases as needed. As organizations seek to modernize their processes to keep pace with the speed at which documents or agreements need to be signed, these businesses are also looking to new technologies to be the catalyst in doing so.

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“The past few years have highlighted the need for agility and better productivity tools to meet the evolving needs of customers,” said Jerome Levadoux, SVP of DocuSign. “We are excited to partner with Zoom to offer the DocuSign eSignature app for Zoom to make it easier than ever to streamline how we collaborate and come to agreement in the emerging anywhere economy.”

According to the announcement, the brand new DocuSign eSignature for Zoom allows users the ability to complete everyday personal or business-related tasks, while not having to be in the same location as other users. DocuSign’s research found that the two most requested tools that enterprises have invested time and resources in during the pandemic were electronic signature applications and video conferencing software. By integrating the two tools together in one space, customers can now even buy a car through a touchless automobile purchase.

The integration between the two apps can work along any business or enterprise field, with the apps boasting the ability to assist with sales contracts, new hire onboarding forms, wealth management transfers, service activation, insurance claims and policies, plea documents, new client onboarding and patient consent forms.

“Employees don’t want to spend their days toggling between countless apps and emails, especially when working with customers or partners. They want tools that streamline workflows and easily enable them to connect and collaborate,” said Ross Mayfield, product lead for Zoom Apps & Integrations. “We’re excited about DocuSign eSignature for Zoom as it allows stakeholders to review agreements together in real time before signing, helping eliminate communication silos and accelerate the completion of agreements.”

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The eSignature for Zoom allows for multiple parties to sign documents while having the face-to-face communication that was previously not possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, as electronic agreements can be shared by separate individuals or teams who can review the details of the agreement as needed, and hand over control for other parties to sign the documents.

In keeping with cybersecurity protocols, the integration of the two apps also allows for SMS authentication, ensuring that all data is kept in safe hands. One bonus of this is that two parties do not need to have Zoom or DocuSign profiles to communicate or complete agreements either. While user accounts for these two apps are not required, users can utilize the integration between the processes as part of DocuSign’s signer identification methods, and can even verify a signer’s government-issued photo ID or eID in real-time with ID verification.