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A good backup tool is essential for every user. If you’re an IT admin, a consumer-based backup utility probably will not be your go-to disaster recovery tool, mostly because of licensing issues. But if you’re a one-person shop or work from home, this type of backup could be ideal, especially when that backup offers a cloud option, so you don’t have to depend on external drives that can fail to house those critical backups.

One product that simplifies backing up data and images and overall works very well is EaseUS Todo Backup Home.

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EaseUS Todo Backup Home’s key features

The latest iteration of EaseUS Todo Backup Home has an easy to use interface; it might not be the most modern-looking GUI (Figure A), but it cuts out the clutter to make it a svelte and stripped down tool that doesn’t distract from the task at hand.

Figure A

UI of EaseUS Todo Backup Home
UI of EaseUS Todo Backup Home. Image: EaseUS

The heart of EaseUS Todo Backup Home is backing up your files, folders and drives. With this backup solution, you get full (all of the data included in your source folders), incremental (all of the data since your last backup), and differential (all of the changes since your last backup) backup methods as well as file, disk, smart and full system image backups/cloning. That means you could opt to back up a few folders that could be later restored to your local drive or create a full image backup that could be used to completely restore the operating system and all of the containing configurations and data.

To take this one step further, EaseUS Todo Backup Home offers backup file encryption support using AES 256-bit and even migrates an older platter drive to a new SSD.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home also features application/application data backup/restore. For example, you could create a new backup project that includes specific folders and your Apple Mail configuration/data. With this backup solution, you can also create a bootable Windows rescue disk (USB flash). In addition, you’ll find a handy folder sync option that makes it easy to keep a source and destination folder in sync with one another to ensure they always contain the same sub-folders and files.

Plus, EaseUS Todo Backup Home includes scheduling options that allow you to launch a backup at specific times on specific days or even run a backup when both source and destination are mounted. For example, you could create a backup for a specific set of folders or full image that runs as soon as you plug in the external drive associated with the job. That feature alone is worth the price of admission.

The backup tool’s other features include command support for both pre- and post-backups, raw or data-only images, password protection, file filtering, email notifications, compression and split backups in case you have a destination drive not large enough to house the backup on its own.

EaseUS Todo’s backup destination options

With EaseUS Todo Backup Home, you have a few options to select for your destination drive. You can save your backups to an internal directory (although I wouldn’t recommend backing up to the same drive), an external drive, and even a cloud option (1TB is included for only $59.95/year).

EaseUS Todo Backup also includes support for OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. One caveat is that EaseUS Todo doesn’t work well with the official Google Drive Desktop client on macOS; in fact, when trying to get EaseUS Todo Backup to use a mounted Google Drive location, it totally froze up my desktop for about two minutes. I had to quit the Google Drive Client to recover my session.

The pricing details for EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Todo Back offers three plans: Home Users, Business Users, Centralized Backup And Deploy. Since we’re focusing on the version for Home/Home office users, let’s take a look at the price structure for that plan.

The home version is priced from $39.95/yearly and is for one computer (macOS or Windows), one year of free upgrades, and standard tech support. You can add 1TB of cloud storage to this plan, which bumps it up to $59.95/yearly. You can also pay $59.95 for a perpetual license, but you receive no free upgrades or $79.95 for free lifetime upgrades.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home conclusion: A rock-solid solution

I’ve worked with some of the most complex backup systems on the market; I’ve also worked with backup solutions that are so basic they barely get the job done. It’s that middle ground that serves as the sweet spot, and EaseUS Todo Backup Home nails it. EaseUS ToDdo Backup’s ratio of features to ease of use is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. In about a minute, you can get your backup project created (Figure B) and running.

Figure B

EaseUS Todo Backup Home.
EaseUS Todo Backup Home. Image: EaseUS

If you’re looking for a rock-solid backup solution for your home or small business, EaseUS Todo Backup Home should be one of the first tools you consider. It’s a backup tool that anyone can use to quickly recover data if disaster strikes.

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