DomainThe Security Watch blog at PC Magazine had a new posting just the other day warning of a company named “Domain Renewal” sending out bogus renewal notices to domain owners.

The renewal notice is just a scam because, despite claims to the contrary, they cannot renew your domain on your behalf.

Indeed such scams preying on domain owners are an old story — and traditionally come in the form of direct paper mail. It must be noted that despite all that they seem to know about you and your domain that these are really available a matter of public record.

Personally, the fact that such dated scams are still around are a testimony that they must have worked. It is all very well to be on our guard given that administering multiple domains is now common.

In a bigger company without proper controls, it is not inconceivable that the accounts department make out payments directly to the fraudsters without realizing it.

You can read more about it at Beware Fake Domain Renewal Notices (eWeek) and New Domain Name Renewal Scam Hits Inboxes (Domain Name Wire).

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