Illustration: Lisa Hornung/TechRepublic

Security is only as good as every employee’s awareness. These policies from TechRepublic Premium will ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to phishing, ransomware and overall security hygiene. 

IT teams must erase any gray areas in terms of responsibility. Employees should know what warning signs to look for in suspicious emails as well as what their duties are to protect company information.

Putting these resources into action also will make life easier for the IT team. 

Security Awareness and Training policy

A meaningful security awareness and training program covers warning signs, appropriate security policies and procedures and sanctions that could be imposed due to lack of compliance. Accountability originates from a well-informed, well-trained workforce. This TechRepublic Premium resource also contains tips for IT staff to create education programs for users.

Information security policy

This policy provides guidelines to safeguard company information, reduce business and legal risk, and protect company investments and reputation. It covers acceptable and unacceptable use of systems, employee responsibilities and IT staff responsibilities. This TechRepublic Premium resource can also be customized as needed to fit the needs of your organization.

IT email templates: Security alerts 

These basic security templates can help you handle the most common security communications. Members of the IT team can copy the text and then customize it to fit your needs for distribution to the appropriate recipients. This sample copy covers ID badges, phishing email, zip file dangers and password pointers.

Security Incident Response Policy

The security incident response policy maps out a plan for minimizing and mitigating breaches and other security problems. You’ll find a list of 10 steps that a member of the security team should take to respond to an incident, and this TechRepublic Premium resource will set expectations for who does what and when each step should happen.