Digital transformation and disruptive technology typically go hand-in-hand. TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson met with physicist and futurist Isaac Arthur to discuss the disruptive technologies that will shape the future.

The first sector that will be majorly be disrupted is assistants. Technologies like artificial intelligence that can translate speech to text, similar to chatbots, will replace personal assistants and secretary jobs. We initially thought these robots would replace blue collar, factory jobs, but they’ll actually start replacing white-collar, thinking jobs, Arthur said.

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With the massive amount of IoT devices in the market, humans are now able to gather data about not just how the way they work and interact, but about themselves, too. “Ideally, we would experience [these devices] in the most minimal fashion possible, in terms of paying attention to it,” he said. These network devices have many benefits for safety and health, however they bring up many privacy concerns, and may make people feel like they are living in a “fishbowl” with everything they do being tracked and recorded.

While many of today’s emerging technologies will cause disruptions to people’s’ lives, Arthur believes the biggest disruptions will be caused by: 3D printing, self-driving cars, and fusion power. “It’s very hard to say which of these is going to hit first, but the effects of them could be huge,” Arthur said.

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