When you need to investigate Windows XP system hardware and
software, you probably use the System Information tool found on the Start | All
Programs | Accessories | System Tools menu. However, Windows XP’s Help and
Support Center provides an alternative System Information tool that you definitely
should investigate.

Instead of a tree-like structure like the one in the main
System Information tool, the one in the Windows XP’s Help and Support Center
essentially creates a Web page, complete with tables and graphics. Here’s how
to access the Help and Support
‘s System
Information tool:

  1. Go to Start | Help And Support.
  2. Under the Pick A Task heading on
    the Help And Support Center page, click Use Tools To View Your Computer Information
    And Diagnose Problems.
  3. On the Tools page, select My Computer Information in the
    Tools column.
  4. On the My Computer Information page, select any of the
    links to view a graphical report of your system.

As you’ll see, this interface not only makes the
information easier to digest, but you’ll also find links to other resources,
both in the operating system and on the Internet, that will help you gather
more information or solve problems.

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