Glassdoor released new product features to help job seekers and employers during the coronavirus crisis. The tools include a COVID-19-dedicated job search hub, a hiring surge explorer, a library of tips and advice, and a free virtual event on how to prepare for a job search.

The job search engine also announced COVID-19 company updates, a hiring surge badge, and a library of advice and guides dedicated to employers during this time.

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As organizations freeze hiring, furlough employees, or endure layoffs, US employment has been put through the wringer because of coronavirus. In March, the unemployment rate jumped to 4.4% and a record 6.6 million people filed for unemployment claims.

“Some of the greatest challenges facing job seekers during these tough times include not knowing what job opportunities are even available, or where to focus their job search,” said Annie Pearl, Glassdoor’s chief product officer, in a press release.

“We are aiming to help solve those challenges by connecting people with the most timely and relevant job opportunities available,” Pearl said. “In addition, we’re enabling employers with new tools to help them clearly communicate how they’re responding to the crisis and how they’re supporting their own workforce.”

Tools for job seekers and employees

  • COVID-19 job search hub

Glassdoor’s job search hub is dedicated to those looking for work during COVID-19. The tool helps users focus their search on the latest job openings across industries and companies that are actively hiring. The job search feeds include in-demand jobs, work from home jobs, companies with hiring surges or specialized industry-related jobs–in one hub.

  • Hiring surge explorer

Many employers have scaled back on hiring, but some are going the opposite direction. Job seekers can search on Glassdoor for companies that are actively or aggressively hiring, with the ability to filter searches by city, job title, industry, and job function. Job seekers can also view companies experiencing hiring surges on individual job listings when they search by job title on the site.

  • Free virtual event: How to get a job, now

To help users prepare for their job search during this chaotic time, Glassdoor is hosting a virtual event titled, “How to get a job, now.” Scheduled for US job seekers on May 6, 2020 at 11am PT and for UK job searchers on May 12, 2020 at 11am BT, the event will offer expert tips on how to succeed in a job search during a recession, as well as what companies are looking for in candidates currently.

  • Tips and advice for employees

Glassdoor has also created a library of blog content meant to help job seekers look for work and to help employees adjust to new ways of work.

Tools for employers

  • Coronavirus company updates

To help companies be more transparent and clearly share their COVID-19 response with employees and the public, this feature allows organizations to create and share company updates on their Glassdoor profile marked with a specific coronavirus badge. Through this outlet, employers can share their work from home policies, employee benefits, and other featured announcements during the coronavirus crisis.

  • Hiring surge badge

Glassdoor is also enabling employers to indicate whether or not they are experiencing a hiring surge or are actively reviewing applicants. Once the employer activates the Hiring Surge feature in the Glassdoor Employer Center, both the employer profile and open jobs will be marked with a Hiring Surge badge.

  • Tips and advice for employers

Similar to the employee feature, this feature includes a library of blog content that helps companies, recruiters, and HR professionals adapt to this new way of hiring.

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