Summer often brings a more leisurely pace to many businesses, as employees often go on vacation or work remotely more frequently, relative to the rest of the year. But these trends may have a negative impact on enterprise security, according to LastLine’s Risks and Riptides Survey, published Thursday.

Though nearly half (47.1%) of cybersecurity or infosec professionals surveyed said they have not witnessed a pattern to the seasonality of attacks, of those who said they do, 58% see more threats in summer than in other seasons, with autumn the second-most cited, followed by winter and spring.

Likewise, phishing attacks are the most cited (46.5%) as increasing in the summer, as attackers may be hoping to catch employees off guard, or at a minimum, with less vigilance than in other parts of the year. Malware is a close second at 43.5%, with spear phishing at 26.4% and ransomware at 24.1%.

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Notably, the survey indicated that “nearly 20 percent of respondents indicated that more than 50% of employees work from outside the office at least 5 days throughout the summer, including while on vacation.” The potential risk for this could be a strong case for not working during vacation.

Being outside the office is not necessarily an indication of working from home—it could be in a coffee shop, or other location, on public Wi-Fi, which is more susceptible to being compromised by hackers.

The survey indicates that 34% of security pros believe the increase in threat activity is related to employees working remotely. “Nearly a third (32%) say that their network is “much less
defined in the summer” because more people are working remotely,” the report said.

Connecting to public, unsecured Wi-Fi networks is the biggest concern, with 68.1% of security professionals concerned about potential attacks that leverage these connections. Phishing is second at 46%, with employees leaving computers accessible and unlocked in a public location at 43%.

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