How cybercriminals take advantage of Black Friday on the Dark Web

Even criminals participate in one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Terbium Labs' Emily Wilson explains how to protect your information during the holiday shopping season.

Yes, even the Dark Web has big sales on Black Friday

Consumers will spend billions of dollars during the holiday season on items from electronics and video games to stolen credit cards and drugs. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke with Terbium Labs' Director of Analysis Emily Wilson to discuss how to stay safe shopping during the holiday season.

"The criminal economy is just another industry," Wilson said. Shoppers on the Dark Web will see the same kind of techniques being used like customer service, marketing, and sales. Different types of criminals focus on different holidays. For fraud vendors, that's Black Friday. These transactions happen in places like major markets, independent forums, and fraud websites for items like drugs, electronics, and stolen credit cards.

"There's a lot of distraction around the holidays, and criminals take advantage of that," Wilson said. "Everyone is busy, and everyone is traveling which is really good for the criminals because they can take advantage of systems being manned with fewer people."

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During the holidays, everyone is stressed and distracted. However, people should use the same caution during the holiday season as they would any other time throughout the year. Wilson suggests for shoppers to double check their statements and account for the transactions, and to use your credit card over your debit card when you can.

"If you see something that looks suspicious, don't write it off," Wilson said. "Slow down, take your time and check this because people will take advantage of you either personally or professionally."

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