Organizations want to trust employees when it comes to cybersecurity, but to do so, they must leverage current technology, according to a Wednesday ObserveIT report. The report, which surveyed 600 IT leaders across industries, found that employers must create clear cybersecurity protocols, invest more in training programs, and monitor spending.

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Since 2016, the number of security incidents involving employee or contractor negligence has gone up by 26%, and those involving malicious insiders rose 53%, the report found. While employees are vital to a company’s success, they are also one of the biggest risks to the organization. Companies must invest in effective training programs for their employees and make sure everyone is aware of proper protocols.

Tech can potentially boost trust between employers and employees, the report fund. Nearly half (46%) of respondents said that their organizations don’t have the confidence to protect valuable data and assets. The public sector sees the highest amount of distrust (53%), followed by IT and tech (52%) and manufacturing (51%).

Employers must make employees aware of the possible results of a cybersecurity incident, the report added. Some 60% of professionals said they don’t know they penalties in their organizations. Only 36% of IT leaders felt that cybersecurity was actually a significantly important to businesses.

Almost all (92%) respondents agreed that using new technology to monitor insider threats will be vital for keeping the information secure, the report found.

“The workforce is changing rapidly as remote work becomes commonplace and more companies rely on freelancers and contractors to support daily activities,” Mike McKee, CEO of ObserveIT, said in a press release. “Trusting employees to keep valuable information safe should start at the top with effective training, clear guidelines and verification via technology for all users.”

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