How to unlock Windows 10 with a PIN code instead of a password

A PIN can log you into your computer faster than a password. Here's how to create one in Windows 10.

Video: How to set up a PIN in Windows 10 Don't want to remember a password? Here's how to create a PIN instead.

Creating a strong password that you'll remember can be a pain, especially when you're using a dozen different passwords for everything from your bank to your Instagram account. Here's a tip from Ed Bott on how to set up a personal identification number that can make logging into your computer a little faster.

To set up your PIN, go to settings and click Accounts. Then select Sign-in Options. The PIN option will be there.

You'll be asked for your password first. Then enter your new PIN.

The default option for a PIN is four digits, but you can use a longer one. Remember not to use anything someone might easily guess, like your birthday.

Once you've created a PIN, you can always switch back to using a password by clicking the Sign-On options button on the screen where you enter your credentials.

By Bill Detwiler

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