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Trello has been my go-to kanban solution for some time now. Not only does it make it easy for any organization to take advantage of kanban boards, it’s also flexible and powerful enough to give power users everything they need.

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One example of that is customized buttons. With this feature, you can add clickable buttons to cards for things like quickly assigning cards, a Complete button or a Send To button. With the right amount of imagination, there’s hardly any limit to what you can do with these buttons. Whether you get creative or simply practical, creating such a button can help make your Trello life slightly more efficient.

What you’ll need to create a customized Trello card button

The only thing you’ll need to create a customized Trello button is a valid Trello account. This can be either a free or paid account, as the feature is available to both. That’s it.

How to create your first custom button

Log in to your Trello account and open a board. Once on that board, click the Automation button (Figure A).

Figure A

The Trello automation button is accessible from within a card.

From the Automations drop-down menu, click Buttons. In the resulting window (Figure B), click Create Button.

Figure B

The Create Button is ready for action.

The Create a Card Button page will appear (Figure C), where you must first give your button a name.

Figure C

Creating our first custom Trello button.

By default, this button will be enabled for all cards. You can change that by deselecting the Enabled by Default option. You can also choose to close the card whenever the custom button action is performed.

Next, click Add Action, which will expand the Select an Action section (Figure D).

Figure D

The Add an Action section has been revealed.

Let’s say you want to create a button that will automatically add a particular member to the card. For that, click Members and then in that tab (Figure E) type the name of the member to be added to the section labeled Add A Member To The Card.

Figure E

The custom button member section.

After filling that out, click + to add the action to the button. You can either be done with the card or add even more actions. There’s no limit to the number of actions you can add to a button, but I would suggest starting out with simpler actions.

When you’re finished adding actions to the button, click Save and you’ll see the new button listed. In the button listing (Figure F), you’ll also notice you can enable the button for only the current board, on all boards in the current workspace or across all workspaces.

Figure F

Our new button has been created and ready for action.

When you create a new card, you’ll see the new button listed under Automations (Figure G).

Figure G

Our new button shows up on every card we create.

That’s all there is to create a customized button on Trello. This feature can help you further customize your cards and make them even easier to work with. A simpler workflow is a more powerful workflow.

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