How to easily sign PDF attachments in Apple Mail

If you're tired of printing and scanning documents just to get a PDF signed and returned to a client, Jack Wallen shows you an easy way around that hassle with Apple Mail.

How to easily sign PDF attachments in Apple Mail

How many times do you receive a PDF document that you have to sign? That process goes something like this: Save the document, print it out, sign it, scan it, copy the newly scanned file to your computer, attach the signed document to the reply email, and send away. If you have to sign a lot of PDFs, that's wasted time. If you happen to be a macOS user, there's a much easier way that doesn't require you to print or scan the document.

To do this, save the PDF document to your drive. Reply to the email and then drag the document from Finder into the reply email. Hover over the attachment and you'll see a drop-down. From that drop-down, select Markup. In the resulting window, using your trackpad or mouse, sign your name in the required space. Once you've signed the document, click Done and the PDF will be signed and attached.

It'll probably take you a few tries to get that signature down, but once you do, there's no more need to employ your printers and scanners for the simple task of signing a PDF document, all thanks to Apple Mail.

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