Hiring isn’t easy. First you have to write the right job posting, then sift through resumes and then there are the interviews. 

The hiring process has the potential to be wasted time for both job candidates and employers, which is why it’s so essential to be armed with the right information before even creating the posting; hence these two hiring kits from TechRepublic Premium.

If hiring the average employee is rough, hiring people responsible for organizational cybersecurity is even harder: These are people who you need to be able to trust. 

Likewise, job candidates want to know what’s coming for them in an interview, and these hiring kits share those sorts of tips as well, so they’re great for both job seekers and the people seeking them.

Hiring Kit: Security architect

Trying to visualize the modern business network is nearly impossible, especially with all of the remote nodes where at-home workers do their jobs. Modern cybersecurity requires the skills of an architect that can visualize, depict, organize and secure every single digital inch of your network, and that means hiring a good security architect is essential.

This kit contains job descriptions, qualifications, typical interview questions and more. Job seekers, be forewarned: The security architect faces a lot of stress at work, so be sure you can muster some serious self-discipline if you intend to land one of these director-level positions.

Hiring Kit: Cybersecurity engineer

Cybersecurity engineers are the backbone of an organizational security team, which is why having the right ones on staff is so essential. The right cybersecurity engineer will have programming experience, certifications that pertain to the type of security your organization needs and most importantly of all, the ability to think like an attacker.

It’s that last bit that separates cybersecurity engineers from those who are simply knowledgeable about cybersecurity, and without having the right interview questions and job qualifications available to you before you start looking for candidates you may not be able to tell one from the other.