Closeup of the ClickUp mobile app icon seen on an iPhone. ClickUp lets users create rich-text Docs for their marketing plans, reports, strategies, and other files.
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ClickUp is a cloud-based project management suite and Jira is an issue tracking platform. These two things combined could make for an ideal workflow. Track the progress of your tasks and issues associated with your projects in one, user-friendly platform.

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Fortunately, the ability to integrate these two platforms is built into ClickUp, and I’m going to show you how to make it happen. With this integration, you can easily add details from ClickUp tasks to Jira cards. The one thing to know about this, however, is that is being retired in October 2022, which means some of the automated integrations for ClickUp and Jira will be no more.

Even though the automated version of the integration is going away, the ability to keep tabs on ClickUp information with Jira is still a very handy tool to have. If that sounds like something you might want to have in your daily workflow, read on.

What you’ll need to integrate ClickUp with Jira

To make this work, you’ll only need ClickUp and Jira accounts. Let’s get right to the integration.

How to integrate ClickUp and Jira

The first thing you must do is log in to both your ClickUp and Jira accounts in the same web browser. Once you’ve taken care of that, head over to your Jira account and navigate to one of your Workspace boards. From that board, click Apps | Explore More Apps. On the resulting page, search for ClickUp.

In the resulting window (Figure A), select the ClickUp+ for Jira entry.

Figure A

The ClickUp app is listed in the Jira app market.

Click Try It For Free and then, when prompted, click Start Free Trial (Figure B).

Figure B

Adding ClickUp integration into Jira.

Once the app has been added, a pop-up will appear at the bottom left corner of the window (Figure C). Click the Manage App link in that pop-up.

Figure C

Success! The ClickUp app has been added to Jira.

How to use the ClickUp Jira integration

Open a card in one of your Jira boards and you should now see a ClickUp section in the details pane (Figure D).

Figure D

The ClickUp section is now in Jira cards.

Here’s what you need to do to add a card from ClickUp into Jira:

  1. Go to ClickUp and open the issue to be added.
  2. Click the Share button.
  3. Click the On/Off slider for Public Link.
  4. Copy the public link.
  5. Go back to the still opened details for the Jira card.
  6. Make sure ClickUp is selected from the list of apps (Figure E).
  7. Paste the copied link to the left of the Shared Docs icon.
  8. Once the content has been added from ClickUp, click Save.

Figure E

Our ClickUp content has been pulled into the Jira card.

Now, any time you open that card, you’ll be able to view the details and the activity for that issue.

And that, my project management friends, is all there is to adding ClickUp integration into Jira. This might not be ideal, but it does make it easier to keep tabs on your ClickUp tasks within Jira issues.

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