Terminal startup icon and linux interface
Image: gdainti/Adobe Stock

In the coming years, Linux is expected to become a far more mainstream operating system. Jack Wallen predicts that a major company will adopt Linux as its primary operating system at some point in 2022. When that happens, there may be a watershed moment in which companies switch to Linux’s flexibility and powerful automation capability despite a dearth of subject matter experts.

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Starting out, you’ll get familiar with the Linux command line, learning various text processing commands to work efficiently. You’ll work with Linux files and folders, navigate the Linux file system efficiently and even create your own AWS Linux EC2 instance to practice. From there, you’ll progress to mastering bash shell scripting, learning how to write scripts to automate repeated tasks to save time. Then, you’ll learn how to become a Secure Shell (SSH) power user before progressing to Docker.

In the Docker intro, you’ll learn how to package an application with all of its dependencies; create, deploy and run applications; and deploy web apps as Docker containers. By the end of the courses, you’ll be able to administer a Linux enterprise system efficiently.

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