BlackBerry Limited announced its updated BlackBerry Workspaces content collaboration platform on Monday at the annual Black Hat USA security conference in Las Vegas. The next-generation BlackBerry Workspaces features a new ransomware recovery capability that helps users recover from cyberattacks more quickly and mitigate potential damage, according to a press release.

Ransomware remains top dog in the world of malware attacks, accounting for 39% of malware-related data breaches thus far in 2018–doubled compared to last year. Now it’s predicted that by the end of 2019, businesses will be hit by a ransomware cyberattack every 14 seconds, with damage estimated to cost $11.5 billion annually according to Cybersecurity Ventures.

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BlackBerry’s ransomware recovery tool freezes the affected users’ accounts if their PC and synced files are infected, said the press release. Typical ransomware recovery solutions implement a company-wide rollback, which may cause users that weren’t even impacted to lose data. But with BlackBerry Workspaces, administrators can check user logs to locate the specific workspaces and files that were affected and roll impacted files back to pre-attack versions, said the release.

By removing only the infected files, BlackBerry’s level of granularity in its ransomware recovery system can help organizations avoid losing data and productivity that may be lost with a company-wide recovery tactic.

“Beyond data loss, opportunity costs, and reputational risks, downtime resulting from ransomware attacks can inflict real harm on customers in any industry, including healthcare or public safety, where the consequences of any delay can be catastrophic,” said Billy Ho, BlackBerry’s executive vice president of enterprise products, in the press release.

The new ransomware recovery system will be available at no additional cost in BlackBerry Workspaces Collaborate and Secure Plus editions, according to the release. BlackBerry will be showcasing the new solution at the 2018 BlackBerry Security Summit in London later this year.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • BlackBerry announced its updated BlackBerry Workspaces content collaboration that includes a new ransomware recovery system.
  • The ransomware recovery feature in BlackBerry Workspaces pinpoints the infected system and files, preventing unaffected users from losing data, which is often the case in company-wide rollbacks.