New security features coming to your Google account

Google has announced new features that allow users to better navigate and personalize their privacy settings.

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On Thursday, Google announced a number of new security features that will strengthen data privacy for Account users, according to a blog post.

The improved Google Account features will include a better search bar function, a support section, and a Data & Personalization tab. The Google Account update also includes visual changes to better comply with Google's own Material Design standards.

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The search functionality will allow users to more effectively find what they're looking for, such as settings or how to change their password, the post noted. If users don't know exactly what they're looking for, they can utilize the new support section. There, they can find help with common tasks including upgrading storage and get help from community experts, according to the post.

Data privacy is a key part of the Account update, the post noted. With the new features, users will be able to customize their data and privacy settings. Activity controls in the Data & Personalization tab allow users to choose which pieces of data activity are saved on their account. Additionally, a "Privacy Checkup" feature will allow users to review their privacy settings, and will explain how these settings will affect their Google experience.

Additionally, users will also receive a detailed summary of the information associated with their account, including the devices associated with it, personal information, payment methods, and more.

This change comes in response to growing user data privacy concerns and more companies creating more security features. It's possible that the enhanced security options will also draw in more enterprise users to the platform.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:
  • Google has announced new security features that will boost user preferences and data safety.
  • The update will make the service more user-friendly, and follow Google's material design visual standards.

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