Okta's DynamicScale customer identity solution hosts 500,000 authentications per minute

DynamicScale is built to handle major traffic spikes and consistent high volumes on the internet, while maintaining security standards.

What is two-factor authentication?

Okta, a leading identity platform provider for enterprise, announced on Thursday its latest customer identity solution: DynamicScale. The solution offers support at scale for large businesses that host high-traffic apps and sites on the internet. With the ability to withstand significant traffic bursts, DynamicScale can handle 500,000 authentications per minute, according to a press release. 

Most well-known for its cloud-hosted, two-factor authentication sign-on service used by enterprise workers, Okta makes it easy to authenticate oneself in an organization's system, with safety and security in mind, and access to company-specific applications. 

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DynamicScale provides DevOps and engineering teams the flexibility to test out applications under large traffic numbers and supports existing applications that might face hectic loads of traffic.

For example, "When a global music star has tickets go up for sale, and a site has thousands of fans going to sign in to buy them, technology like DynamicScale makes it possible for each and every fan to have a seamless and secure user experience, even in peak traffic conditions across every device," said Diya Jolly, CPO at Okta.

"We're able to do this through highly redundant and distributed cloud infrastructure that makes it possible to handle a really diverse set of identity workloads for our customers without any dip in performance," she said.

The purpose of Okta's DynamicScale

Most major organizations already have identity solutions in place, but these solutions often come with their own challenges, Jolly said. 

"These custom-built identity management solutions can be plagued by infrastructure maintenance, chronic instability and unreliability, and costly development demands, especially with infrastructure lying fallow for most of the year," Jolly said. "There's also the concern of a constantly evolving threat landscape that must be managed across millions of users without affecting performance."

Traffic spikes exacerbate these challenges, which can negatively affect the users' digital experiences, causing consumer dissatisfaction, she said. 

"The trend is moving to digital environments that will require even more scale and diversity of experience—meaning more than just simple authentication or registration workflows," Jolly said. "Okta introduced DynamicScale to make sure large organizations and popular brands could deliver on every kind of identity experience and at all levels of scale."

The biggest benefits of Okta's DynamicScale

The high-capacity customer identity solution allows companies to be ready for any traffic spike, whether it be for "peak workloads, like a new product release, a viral marketing campaign, or a major shopping weekend," Jolly said. 

Okta also announced performance testing capabilities. "Performance testing is important for DevOps and engineering teams to test and validate an app's performance, but it requires testing at significantly higher volumes in order to ensure an app can handle any influx," Jolly said.

Okta's technology will allow DevOps and engineering teams to validate performances at five to 1,000 times their existing core API capacity, the press release said. 

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