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Palafoxiana Library in Puebla, Mexico
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Puebla, Mexico

How about taking part in a 60-minutes virtual tourism experience of the magical city of Puebla? As the guide leads you around Puebla’s charming streets, learn about this lovely city’s fascinating history and stunning architecture. In this experience, you get to witness the exquisite furnishings of the Chapel of the Rosario and explore the Palafoxiana Library, which has over 45,000 books and manuscripts. What’s more, you’ll get to experience the lovely architecture of the cathedral established in the 16th century. Finally, before the trip comes to a close, you’ll learn why Candy Street is thus named and take in the impressive France Factories and House of Dolls.

Mayan archaeological site in Tulum
Image: Amazon

Mayan archaeological site in Tulum

This 60-minute experience will take you through the remains of the ancient city of Mayans. You will get to see what the ancient city buildings look like as well as learn about the temple of their descending God, the King’s palace and why the residents used chocolate as a currency many centuries ago. In addition, you’ll get to have a virtual feel of the refreshing Caribbean Sea.

person moving salsa ingredients from a cutting board to a large metal bowl
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Salsa cooking class

This 45-minute virtual experience teaches you how to make the best Mexican salsas, a crucial component of real Mexican cuisine. Salsas can be as spicy as you like while maintaining the incredible flavor that makes them a tasty addition to any Mexican meal. In this private cooking lesson, you will be guided throughout the salsa-making process, from the market to the kitchen, by your own personal Mexican chef.

a man gesturing to a building behind him in San Jose
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Costa Rica's historical downtown San Jose

If you plan on vacationing in Costa Rica, you should jump on this 70-minute Amazon Explore virtual experience to learn about the country’s capital, San Jose. Learn about the historic structures and architecture of San Jose and the medicinal values of the native flora and trees. This tour of downtown San Jose includes stops at Central Market, Central Avenue, Central Park, the principal cathedral and the former post office among other locations. Your guide will be an ecologist and biochemist who will explain how people use the plants for healing as you stroll through San Jose’s urban parks.

a light yellow salt-rimmed cocktail with lime wedge
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Mexican cocktail mixing class

How about a 30-minute experience where you will be taken through the process of making a variety of fine Mexican cocktails from the comfort of your home? In addition, you’ll get to learn some essential tricks and home-bartending hacks from this class.

a building and statue along Tacuba Street in South America
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Mexico City's Tacuba street

Tacuba Street is South America’s oldest road. If you’re a lover of antiques, you shouldn’t let this experience slip away. In this 60-minute tour, you get to witness this oldest road built in the 14th century. Your Amazon host will be glad to take you on a walk down this monumental road, where you’ll learn what the road stood for during the Spanish colonial era in Mexico.

Statues surrounded by purple flowering trees in a courtyard in Mexico City
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Explore historical Mexico City

Do you know that the original name of Mexico City was Tenochtitlan? In this 60-minute tour, you will have the opportunity to be taken through the ruins of the old sacred temples of Templo Mayor. In another session of this tour, you will see the magnificent view of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico, the National Palace of Federal Government, the Supreme Low Court of the Nation and many other nearby places with rich cultural heritage.