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Programming languages: How to become an expert developer in C, C++ and C#

In this comprehensive training offering, you can learn all about the C programming language and more at your convenience.


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Since C is currently the most popular programming language, according to TIOBE's June 2021 rankings, learning to code in it is a smart career decision. You can learn C, C++ and much more at your own pace and in your own home with The Complete C Suite Programming Bundle. This 10 courses e-learning bundle is currently being offered at a great discount, and no prior experience is required.

In the Learn C# by Building Applications course, you will not only be taught the concepts of C# 6 and C# 7 but also how to build .NET Console apps that can be used in the real world. You'll add SQL to that by doing the same thing in Master C# And SQL by Building Applications. Then, you can take the course Beginner Object Oriented Programming In C# and .NET Core.

You'll learn all the basics of C++ and get lots of practice creating applications in The Complete Introduction to C++ Programming. There is also the Complete Modern C++ course, a comprehensive tutorial covering C++11/14/17 features.

The Structural Design Patterns in Modern C++ and the Creational Design Patterns in Modern C++ courses are deep dives into structural and creational design patterns and how to implement them. In addition, you don't want to miss these three courses: Object Oriented Analysis, Design & Programming with UML, C/C++ Pointers & Applications, and Detecting Memory Leaks in C/C++ Applications.

Don't pass up this training opportunity to learn top programming languages so conveniently and at such a low cost. Individually, these courses would total $1,990, but you can buy them all today for only $49.99–a 97% discount.

Prices subject to change.