When you begin your workday, do you have to navigate to
locate the last Microsoft Word document you worked on the previous day? If so,
wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply click on an icon that would access your
Word document? Here’s how you can create a desktop shortcut that will do just

After you finish working on your document for the day, save
it, close Word, and follow these steps:

  1. Right-click
    the desktop. Go to New | Shortcut.
  2. If
    you’re using Word 2003, enter the following code at the prompt:
    “c:\Program Files\Microsoft
    Office\OFFICE11\winword.exe /mFile1”

    If you’re using Word 2002, enter this code at the prompt:
    “c:\Program Files\Microsoft
    Office\Office10\winword.exe /mFile1”

    (Note: Be sure to enter a space before /m but do not put a space after /m.
    Also, make sure you have the correct filename for winword.exe on your
    machine by performing a file search for winword.)
  3. Click Next and enter a name such as Open Last Doc.
  4. Click

Now, when you use your shortcut to open Word, it will take
you straight to the last document you worked on.

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