Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • The Samsung Flip is a digital flip chart display that allows multiple users to participate, with annotations and notes made with a finger or smart pen.
  • The Flip features embedded search and additional security features to protect sensitive meeting data from outsiders.

Following the lead of the Microsoft Surface Hub and Google Jamboard, Samsung unveiled its digital whiteboard product, the Samsung Flip, at CES 2018 in Las Vegas on Sunday.

Digital whiteboards haven’t taken off in a big way, but they could be a sign of what the future of office meetings will look like. They have the potential to help companies in their paperless efforts while also boosting efforts in digital transformation.

The goal with the Flip, as with its Microsoft and Google competitors, is to make business collaboration more seamless. Using hand gestures or a smart stylus, meeting participants can annotate charts, take notes, and more on the board.

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Up to four individuals can work on the Flip at the same time, and the device features an embedded search to make it easier to find a past project or note, the release said.

The Flip’s biggest selling point and differentiator is its ability to interact with other devices. According to the press release, it is compatible with either a wireless connection or a host of ports, including USB. This integration allows users to see Flip content on their personal laptop or smartphone, while also allowing them to share data stored on their device to the Flip board, the release said.

A secure, central database stores content created on Flip during a meeting. These details are then only available to approved users who authenticate with a password, the press release said. Once they have signed it, these approved users can download the meeting content or email it to coworkers.

In a given session, users can access up to 20 pages of writing space that is made available as a rolling stream. As noted in the release, the Flip can be used in a portrait or landscape orientation, and can be mounted on the wall or on a rolling stand, sold separately.

The 55-inch smart screen will run you about $2,700, according to Samsung’s website. It will begin shipping later this month.