Security is the top barrier in cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) adoption for enterprise IT infrastructures, according to a Ping Identity report released on Wednesday. Some 43% of IT professionals surveyed said that security is the biggest obstacle for cloud adoption, and 37% said security is also the biggest barrier to SaaS adoption, said the report.

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Less than one quarter (21%) of tech professionals said that more than half of their IT infrastructure is hosted in the public cloud, and 15% said more than one half is made up of SaaS applications. Yet, more than one quarter (27%) of respondents reported experiencing a data breach on customer identity stored in the public cloud, on-premises, or in a SaaS application provider’s cloud, according to the report.

Because of this spike in cybersecurity attacks, nearly three-fourths of respondents (71%) said their organizations will spend more on protecting consumer identity data within the year, while only 1% said such spending would decrease, the report noted.

“With security as the biggest barrier to cloud and SaaS adoption, it’s no wonder we’re seeing enterprises prioritize their security investment–especially following a year that was defined by data breaches,” Richard Bird, chief customer information officer of PingIdentity, said in a press release. “Safeguarding customer, proprietary and partner data is more important than ever for enterprises seeking to build trust and transition to a more hybrid IT infrastructure. It’s imperative that IT professionals understand the value and effectiveness of the right security controls for their organizations before taking a blanket approach to protecting their data.”

More than 90% of respondents suggested multi-factor authentication as the most effective security control for their organization, along with encryption and standard technologies lie firewalls, IDS, and IPS, the report found.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Security remains the top barrier in cloud and SaaS adoption for the enterprise. — Ping, 2019
  • 71% of IT professionals said organizations will implement more more money on protecting customer identity data this year. — Ping, 2019