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ServiceNow and Oracle Cloud customers can now get both services in one package, according to an announcement from the two companies. They have integrated ITOM Visibility with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

This integration provides complete visibility into multicloud infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and containers as a service resources, according to a press release. The combination of the two services also will help distributed teams track cloud-native environments, including the use of standardized cloud tags to map infrastructure and services for quick issue identification and remediation.

Jeff Hausman, vice president and general manager for operations management and data foundations at ServiceNow, said in a press release that customers who use the Now Platform and OCI will get a seamless experience that maximizes the value of cloud investments and the ability to harness the power of artificial intelligence for proactive operations.

“With this partnership, ServiceNow and Oracle are making it seamless for enterprises to unlock productivity for distributed teams to deliver products and services faster, access powerful business insights and create great experiences for employees, wherever they may be,” Hausman said.

Scott Twaddle, vice president of product, industries and partnerships, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, said in a press release that customers now can use an existing ServiceNow Service Management Portal to view and manage all of their cloud resources, including Oracle.

“Enterprise customers are increasingly moving toward a multicloud environment and need an easy way to manage all of their cloud resources,” Twaddle said. “This is a big step forward for all of our customers that are using Oracle, as well as other major cloud providers to run their business-critical applications.”

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This new integration is available in the ServiceNow Store and customers can download it without overhauling their current ServiceNow and Oracle environments, according to the companies. Oracle also has verified both ServiceNow Discovery and Software Asset Management as third-party tools for Oracle contractual events and software audits.

This combination provides one data model and cross-enterprise integration engine as well as one view across the entire IT lifecycle on a single cloud-based platform, according to the companies. ITOM Visibility includes discovery, service mapping, certificate inventory and management, graph connectors, multisource CMDB and firewall audits and reporting.

Data collected by ITOM Visibility powers these products of Now Platform:

  • ITOM Health: Gathers alerts from infrastructure events captured by third-party monitoring tools and by Discovery to map alerts to configuration items to analyze IT infrastructure, spot issues and prevent service outages

  • ITOM Optimization: Provides tools to provision private and public cloud infrastructure and services and to achieve consistent management and cost visibility
  • Software Asset Management: Tracks configurations that impact software license consumption across IT environments and data centers
  • Customer Service Management: Diagnoses and resolves issues related to the IT infrastructure by using near real-time data
  • IT Service Management: Manages and delivers services as well as track changes and incidents created and managed by IT Service Management applications in ITOM Visibility service maps
  • IT Business Management: Provides a comprehensive understanding of the applications used in your organization
  • Security Operations: Provides security incidents in the context of ITOM Visibility to find out which application services are at risk