A 75-year-old woman from Karlstad, in central Sweden, has been bestowed with what we can only salivate and dream about at the moment — the world’s fastest broadband connectivity.

At the blistering speed of 40 Gigabits per second pumped straight to her home, Sigbritt Löthberg is now able to enjoy 1,500 simultaneous streams of HDTV channels. Alternatively, when her eyes get tired, she can always switch to downloading whole DVDs just for kicks – at the rate of one every two seconds.

You must be scratching your head now wondering how a 75-year-old lady ended up with a 40-Gbps pipe. Well, she is the mother of Swedish Internet legend Peter Löthberg no less, who arranged the connection together with Karlstad Stadsnät, who is the local council’s network arm.

So says the network boss of Karlstad Stadsnät, Hafsteinn Jonsson:

“This is more than just a demonstration… As a network owner, we’re trying to persuade Internet operators to invest in faster connections… We wanted to show how you can build a low price, high capacity line over long distances.”

The entire setup was made possible due to a new modulation technique that allows data to be transmitted directly between two routers of up to 2,000 kilometers apart — without the use of any transponders in between.

You can read more about Sigbritt, 75, has world’s fastest broadband. (The Local)

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