The race to implement artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into products and services across every industry has caused a job boom in the field, according to a Tuesday report from UiPath.

Between 2015 and 2018, the number of job postings with “AI” or “machine learning” increased by nearly 100%, according to a recent report from Indeed, and AI skills dominated the fastest-growing jobs of the past year.

UiPath examined 30,000 job listings from 15 industry-leading countries, retrieving any role that required either skill or training in AI or machine learning, or any role within a company that specializes in those fields.

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From a global perspective, China is home to the most AI professionals right now, with 12,113 AI jobs, the report found. The US came in second, with 7,465 AI professionals, followed by Japan (3,369), the UK (1,597), and India (1,326).

Within the US, California hires more than double the amount of jobs in AI than any other state, according to the report–not a surprise, considering that many Silicon Valley companies are pioneering the technology.

Here are the 10 most in-demand AI jobs worldwide, and the percentage of overall AI jobs they make up:

  1. Software engineer (8.48%)
  2. Data scientist (5.95%)
  3. Intern (5.39%)
  4. AI researcher (5.17%)
  5. Intelligence specialist (4.94%)
  6. Consultant (4.6%)
  7. AI data analyst (3.82%)
  8. Machine learning engineer (3.62%)
  9. Sales engineer (3.14%)
  10. Product manager (3.08%)

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