The highest paying internships and entry-level jobs in the US

Tech dominates both lists, proving how lucrative STEM skills are in today's workforce, according to Glassdoor.

The highest paying internships and entry-level jobs in the US

With the Class of 2019 graduating from college this month, many young professionals will be looking for top internships and entry-level jobs to help kick-start their careers. Many factors go into the job search, but previous Glassdoor research cited compensation as the no. 1 factor job seekers are looking for in a position.

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To help guide young professionals towards high-paying, rewarding job positions, Glassdoor compiled lists of the highest paying entry-level jobs and internships for 2019. The report, released on Wednesday, demonstrates how prominent STEM skills are in today's workforce.

Using Glassdoor salary reviews reported by interns, these are the top 10 highest paying internships, along with each one's median monthly pay:

  1. Facebook: $8,000
  2. Amazon: $7,725
  3. Salesforce: $7,667
  4. Google: $7,500
  5. Microsoft: $7,250
  6. Uber: $7,167
  7. Bloomberg L.P.: $7,000
  8. Capital One: $7,000
  9. Apple: $6,667
  10. Bank of America: $5,833

Here are the top 10 highest-paying entry level job positions, along with each one's median monthly pay, based on Glassdoor salary reviews from US-based employees aged 25 years old and younger:

  1. Data Scientist: $95,000
  2. Software Engineer: $90,000
  3. Product Manager: $89,000
  4. Investment Banking Analyst: $85,000
  5. Product Designer: $85,000
  6. UX Designer: $73,000
  7. Implementation Consultant: $72,000
  8. Java Developer: $72,000
  9. Systems Engineer: $70,000
  10. Software Developer: $68,600

Tech roles and tech companies were the most represented in both lists, but both are hiring for both technical and non-technical roles. Tech roles such as data scientist and software engineer are also commonly available at non-tech companies too, opening the door for candidates who want to utilize their tech skills outside of the tech field, the report said.

Coming in as the highest-paying entry level job, data scientist has reigned as the Best Job in America on Glassdoor's list for the past four years. Employees reported strong job satisfaction and plentiful job openings.

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