Image: BullRun/Adobe Stock

You only have so many ports available on a laptop, right? With the CASA HUB Pro Max 13-in-1 Hub, it will feel like an infinite number.

The CASA HUB is super helpful for work and entertainment, as it converts a laptop video signal via a USB-C port to expand your laptop’s capabilities. You can also use it to connect your Apple TV directly to your TV, reducing video compression and reduce video stuttering.

Ideal for video streaming, the hub handles resolutions and displays each color in the RGB spectrum distinctly, broadcasting brilliantly detailed video no matter the port you use. It supports extended screen and mirror display functions as well as  the latest MacBook series DP1.4 with HDMI and DP 4K60Hz ultra-high resolution. With SD and microSD SD4.0 UHS-II, it raises the data transfer rate to 312 MB/s.

In addition to convenience, the CASA Hub is also durable, lightweight and portable. It’s easy to install, and the aluminum alloy shell protects it from physical damage while the braided cable provides extra strength.

Make viewing practically anything across all of your devices easier than ever. For a limited time, you can get the CASA HUB Pro Max 13-in-1 Hub for 9% off $199 at just $179.99.

Prices and availability are subject to change.