Do you live to work or work to live? Either way, you may be surprised to find that there are more tech jobs than you realized in which you can work remotely, contractually, or part-time. Flexjobs defines a flexible job as: any professional-level job that offers flexibility in terms of when, where, and how work gets done. Examples include:

  • Remote jobs (a.k.a. telecommute or work-from-home) that are full-time and part-time
  • Freelance (contract) jobs
  • Jobs with flexible schedules or alternative work hours

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While there are other industries that accommodate an alternative schedule, there are certain tech jobs which ideally suit the description. Flexjobs recently did a study of the top tech career fields that offer flex jobs:

The top three flex job tech career fields

1. Computer and IT

From computer repair to website maintenance to internet-security jobs, computer and IT jobs are generally for someone who can provide in-house support for internal computer systems; this means you should know how to train and have updated knowledge.

Recent available flexible positions include system administrator business systems analyst, and network security engineer.

The following industries regularly hire flexible computer and IT staff:

  • information security
  • digital marketing
  • cloud solutions
  • business consulting
  • education
  • healthcare
  • media

Companies currently hiring for flexible computer & IT jobs:

2. Software Development

Software development professionals are responsible for designing software programs and testing and debugging software. As software continues to play a bigger role in the day-to-day lives of individuals and companies, software development jobs will be in high demand.

Companies hiring for flexible software development jobs:

Recent flexible software development jobs:

  • software engineer
  • software developer
  • mobile game developer

3. Project Management

Project managers develop requirements, budgets, and schedules for their firms’ information technology, development, or production projects. They coordinate such projects from development through implementation, working with internal and external clients, vendors, consultants, and computer specialists. Often times, a certification like Project Management Professional (PMP) is required or preferred by employers for these types of jobs.

Companies hiring for flexible project management jobs:

Recent flexible project management jobs:

  • project manager
  • project coordinator
  • senior product manager

It’s important to be able to be flexible in a job.

In Flexjob’s latest survey of more than 7,000 professionals interested in flexibility, the results confirm four main reasons people seek out flexible work. The top four responses have remained the same since Flexjobs began the survey in 2013.

  • work-life balance (75%)
  • family (45%)
  • time savings (42%)
  • commute stress (41%)

Other reasons, in descending order of importance:

  • cost savings
  • avoid office politics and distractions
  • travel
  • exercise
  • pet owner
  • gas prices
  • want/need a second job
  • caregiving responsibilities
  • environmental benefits
  • health or disability
  • bad local job market
  • time for school
  • other
  • homeschooling children

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