Top 5 careers for remote workers

Working remotely is becoming an increasingly popular practice. Tom Merritt discusses five career options that allow you to work from home.

Top 5 careers for remote workers

Want to work from home? More companies are hiring remote workers than ever before. And it's not just big companies. FlexJobs recently compiled a list of the 100 companies offering the most opportunities to work remotely, topped by Appen and Lionbridge--Amazon was number six.

But what kind of work can you do from home? Here are five careers that offer the chance to work from home.

  1. Customer service. You no longer need to go into that big office full of phones, especially when more and more customer service happens on Facebook, Twitter, and the like.
  2. Education and training. Publishers like Houghton Mifflin Harcourt offer remote courses and need remote staff to run them.
  3. Sales. Granted, a lot of sales jobs still require you to show up in person with your clients, but not all of it. Even those that do may not need you to come into an office in between sales calls.
  4. Medical and health. Companies like CVS Health need a lot of work done that requires specialized knowledge but doesn't require seeing patients or being in a healthcare facility.
  5. Computer and IT. But you knew that right? SAP, RedHat, and Salesforce all offer remote jobs. Across all companies, software developer is the sixth most likely role to be advertised as being remote.

Don't get up--you can stay right there comfortably at home and feel satisfied that you can find a decent job. Though if you do, get up every once in awhile--you need to get in your 10,000 steps a day some other way now.

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