Top 5 IT pro tips everyone should know

Not everyone can be an IT expert, but Tom Merritt has five tips to help increase your technical skills.

Top 5 IT pro tips everyone should know

You are not the problem; you have amassed huge volumes of shortcuts, tips, and workarounds to navigate the treacherous world of tech. It's your users! Why do they keep making such obvious errors? You need to help them, my friend--pass along your wealth of knowledge. I know you already know these, but here are five IT pro tips everyone should know.

  1. Rebooting fixes a lot of things. First, it's a sledgehammer approach, but there's a reason The IT Crowd TV show's most famous joke is answering the phone by asking if you've tried turning it off and turning it on again.
  2. Don't save items to the desktop. It's often not included in backup regimes, it's harder to find stuff there, and it just makes your background a mess, which will slowly and subtly drive you mad.
  3. Emailing is probably the last choice for sharing documents. Email is old and insecure. If you can share a file in almost any other way, do that instead of emailing.
  4. Don't reply all. Especially don't reply all to tell the other person that replied all to not reply all.
  5. Search for the answer first. A lot of times, all your IT person is doing is typing your question into a search engine and then using that information to fix your particular problem. You can do that yourself and very often save yourself time, or at the very least come to your IT request with a little more info.

See? I bet you've just sighed and said to yourself "I wish I knew... I mean, I wish someone else I worked with knew that." Now you can pass along these tips and make things better for everyone.

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