Top 5 tips for attracting talent

Finding the best employees can make a big difference in your workplace. Tom Merritt suggests five tips for attracting top talent to your company.

Top 5 tips for attracting top talent

Hiring a team is easy, right? You bring in the best applicants and hire the best one. On paper, sure. In reality, getting the best applicants can be a real trick. Especially if you don't want a carbon copy of you or members of your existing team. You want somebody with new talents and ideas. Here are five tips for attracting top talent.

  1. Get advice and widen your interview panel. Talk to the folks who have the backgrounds and experience you're hoping to attract and ask them what would get them to apply. If possible, make sure your interview panel has lots of different folks with different experiences on it.
  2. Personalize your boilerplate statements. With approval (and within reason, of course), you can modify things like mission statements, equal opportunity statements, company descriptions, and other boilerplate to sound less like legal jargon and more like you mean them.
  3. Define what you want. Is it experience with different programming languages? Or maybe backgrounds from other kinds of businesses or regions that can shed light on your problems. Make it clear to your recruitment team.
  4. Write a good job description. Tools from Talvista, Textio, and Text Analyzer help you refine your description to be appealing to as wide a variety of applicants as possible. A tool called Gender Decoder specifically helps women write descriptions that also appeal to men and helps men write descriptions that also appeal to women.
  5. Don't look at the personal details when sorting through applicants. Get you or your recruiting team to strip out the names and other details that might tip you off who a person is and cause unconscious bias to kick in. Tools like Talvista also can help with this.

In the end you're going to pick the best person for the job, but if you have a wider variety of applicants to pick from, you're more likely to find that person.

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